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Healy LLC operates based on a client team business model designed to provide our clients the most appropriate legal team for each of their matters. This business model permits us to focus exclusively on the needs of our clients and to staff matters with the most appropriate attorneys throughout the life of a litigation, investigation, or other contentious matter.

Our clients benefit from this model in a number of ways:


  • We adjust our client teams based on the progression and needs of a matter without burdening the client. Our clients do not pay for the attorney downtime that is embedded in the overhead of the traditional law firm;

  • Our business model permits us to focus on being effective and on finding creative legal solutions that get our clients the results they want. Our clients do not incur fees for unnecessary work;

  • Our client-teams only include experienced attorneys. Our clients do not pay (directly or indirectly) for us to train junior attorneys, since we staff matters with experienced attorneys, most of whom have been trained and have gained experience in large law firms;

  • Our attorneys are selected and assigned to matters based on their talent, skills and experience. Our clients benefit because our business model creates no incentives for us to staff matters based on our internal needs;

We also partner with specialized investigation, compliance, and discovery management experts to provide clients efficient and integrated solutions for their matters.

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